Visiting Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Having a vacation is nice, as most people will say it is a great way to unwind and just enjoy life. The last trip I took was to the country music heartland, Tennessee. In particular, I visited Gatlinburg, as this is a huge tourist location, while offering some great scenery if you go out and rent a cabin up in the mountains. Though, many do not realize this, Gatlinburg is full of things to do while here that are both aimed at singles and families.

While in Gatlinburg, I did a number of things. I would highly recommend that everyone ride on the lift that is going to give you a great view of the Smokey Mountains. When I went, it was rather crowded, but as stated before, this is a tourist location, and I did go in the heart of the summer. Thus, be prepared to wait in line. I spent around forty minutes in line for the ride, but the pictures I was able to take from the ride, was well worth the time it took to get there.

There are tons of attractions, especially the Ripley attractions, which are great for families. In fact, I seen many families going to this area specifically for these attractions. Tickets can be rather expensive for what you are getting, so I recommend knowing what you want to see and not making the mistake of getting a bundle as some things are not interesting at all.

Aside from these attractions, there are tons of shopping. Everything from name brand stores, to small boutiques, it is all here. I found some great items, but I did pay a hefty price due to the location of where I was buying. If you are looking for tourist memorabilia of Tennessee, then Gatlinburg is the place to get this.

Nightlife in Gatlinburg is exciting and fun. There are several little bars that are open from around two in the afternoon until the wee hours of the morning. Here, you can hear live bands, radio, and meet tons of people from all over the US. However, be forwarned, the drinks are expensive! For what you are getting, you may find it cheaper to avoid these bars altogether.

A few things that I absolutely hated about the area:

  • Severely crowded on the sidewalks due to the area being so tourist centered
  • Do not think about driving within Gatlinburg, you can get there faster walking, and the walking can be exhausting due to the up and down of the entire town
  • Long waits for just about everything, including restaurants

What I loved the most:

  • The variety of things to do
  • The view from my hotel that looked out on the mountains
  • Friendly staff just about everywhere I went

Just outside of Gatlinburg, but often included with Gatlinburg is the Dixie Stampede, a dinner and show that is produced by Dolly Parton. It is very expensive, but if you go to Gatlinburg, this is something that you have to see. It is a North versus South ideal, in which you get to choose which side you are on, and the show dictates who wins that time. The show itself has tons of talented people who ride horses, doing tricks and the like. The food was downhome country cooking, and was absolutely delicious.

Overall, if you are going to be in the Tennessee area or are looking to visit, I highly suggest Gatlinburg, Tennessee. There are tons of things to do and see, and you will enjoy seeing this part of the country and all it has to offer.

Resources Official website of Gatlinburg.

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