Menstrual Pain: What To Do and What Not To Do

That time of month can be painful, embarrassing and above all else, it is simply tiresome. Every woman deals with it at some point in her life, and there are times in which menstruation can be absolutely painful. I have had times in which the pain is so intense that I simply could not do anything other than sit there in pain. However, after a few times of dealing with such painful menstruation, I found several ways to help ease the pain that almost every woman is going to benefit from, even if her pain is not intense but just annoying.

What to Do

There are several things you can do for pain during your menstruation time:

  • Exercise, and though you may not feel like exercising, those cramps and pain will greatly benefit from the exercise. You will find that a few minutes of exercise can help to stop the cramping and other pain that you are having.
  • Hot water bottle on your abdomen near the side in which you feel the most pain is going to help to lessen the pain. It usually does not stop the pain altogether, but it does help to cope with it much better.
  • Take some sort of pain medication or medication designed specifically for menstruation, though be careful with those meds that contain caffeine as this can make things worse.
  • Drink some hot water with lemon as this can help with the bloating pain you may be feeling, plus hydrating always helps with any bodily problem you may have
  • Taking a nap always helps out in some way, but when you having pain it is a great way to give your body a rest, that is if you can find the time to take a nap
  • A warm bath or shower can also help to ease the pain of menstruation as this helps to loosen up the muscles in the body

What Not To Do

There are several things that many women try, but in many cases, it can make the pain worse:

  • Drinking more caffeine has been proven as a way to make your menstruation pain even worse
  • Taking water pills to help with water retention can help the bloating you feel, but this does nothing for the pain
  • Do not eat a lot of sweets or carbs as this can make the pain ten times worse
  • Do not drink alcohol in hopes this will help the pain as this can make the pain worse in the long run

When to See a Doctor

There have been times in which menstrual pain is so bad that it does warrant a visit to the doctor. At one point in time, the pain was so bad, I knew something had to be wrong and it turns out that I had an ovarian cyst that had ruptured. Of course, there was nothing to be done about this but to tough it out, but it is always best to know if there is an underlying issue for all the pain that you are feeling. You should go to the doctor if you notice:

  • The pain becomes worse or does not respond to the techniques mentioned beforehand
  • You have fever or vomiting associated with the pain as this could be another issue
  • The pain is lasting for longer than your menstrual period

There are several people who never experience more than a cramp or two along with a backache during their period, but the majority of women will at some point have pain that is much harder to tolerate. The key is to control the pain as best as you can and help to alleviate this pain in ways that is going to allow you to function in life.

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Josh Billings