Free Makeup Samples

I'm not this kind of woman who spends hours in front of the mirror. Or who wakes up two hours earlier to do something with her hair. But this fact doesn't mean that I don't like to wear make-up. Actually, I enjoy it. The real point is that I prefer a subtle touch to a complicated senseless make-up that hides what you really are.

So what, you may ask. The story is that I like to try new products from time to time; it is boring for me to use always the same creams or lipsticks. Unfortunately, they are expensive! I can't pay for these things every time I want to try something new. That fact made me addicted to these free samples that you can find in commercial centers, and I don’t think I am the only one... Raise your hands if you enjoy testing all the perfumes in Sephora!

Today I´ve found a website that sends to your home free makeup samples. I LOVE THAT! I just put the link below and I actually wrote this post to share it. ENJOY!


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