Beautiful Creatures Review

Movies are great forms of entertainment, however, there have been those movies that have astounded me, while others have left me wanting my money back. If you are like me, you may not find time to get to the theatre that much, thus you wait until these are released to DVD or start showing on the movie channels via cable or satellite. The last movie I watched and actually sat down to watch was "Beautiful Creatures". For those who are not familiar with this movie, it was originally a book, that did fairly well on the market, thus rights were purchased to make this into a movie. The movie itself, for those who read the book, was a bit of a let down. Not surprisingly, there has yet to be any news about a sequel, even though the series contains four books.

Just a small introduction about this movie, the main characters are Ethan Wate and Lena Duchannes. As with almost every movie out there right now, there is a supernatural elements to the storyline. Ethan is a mere mortal, while Lena is a caster, otherwise a witch. Their love is forbidden due to casters not being allowed to love mortals, yet this does not stop young Ethan and Lena. Lena is about to turn 16 years of age, in which female casters learn if they are destined for the dark or the light. Ethan is determined to keep her in the light, as well as Lena's uncle. In the end, Lena and Ethan are not together, as Lena takes away his memories of her in order to allow him to live a life that is free of castor magic. Surprisingly, Lena does not turn dark or light as her uncle sacrifices himself to end the curse on the females in the Duchannes family who turn dark. Hence, Lena has a bit of both dark and light in her.

There were a few issues I had right off with the movie. One, though this takes place in South Carolina, the accents of the main character Ethan Wate, was a bit far fetched. In addition, the movie turned the small town into Bible totting, Civil War reenacting, apple pie eating conservatives. Not everyone in the South attends Civil War reenactments nor are die hard conservatives. The stereotype in the movie have been well played out, and at this point seem to be nothing more than a put down to Southern people.

Secondly, the movie did not closely follow the book, though they are the same in name. I believe this was one of the biggest problems that people who watched this movie had. The movie did end with an opening that allowed for a sequel, as the book, but the comparison between the two ends at about the basic storyline and names of characters.

The digital effects within the movie were decent, as there was witchcraft going on and in some scenes, the producers and designers on the movie really made this come to life. The costumes the kids wore was believable and the town in which this was shot definitely helped to build upon the southern stereotypes.

Would I recommend this to others? Probably, especially if they have read the book, but I would warn them to be ready for the dreadful accents that are going to be heard, along with mediocre acting. However, it was interesting and it was a great way to rewind after a hard day of work. Would I watch it repeatedly...probably not and the movie is definitely not going to be on my long or short list of favorites.

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